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Our Preschool classrooms use the Early Learning and Development Standards as their curriculum to continue to build on your child's learning foundation.  It is here where your child will get prepared for Kindergarten.  The curriculum helps guide the teachers in their daily teaching of the children in the areas of science, math, cognition, physical health and development, language and literacy, creative arts, and social studies.  We are sure that your chld will leave us with a life long love of learning.


Our School age room is for children from Kindergarten through 5th grade.  When school is in session the children play freely in the morning before school.  They enjoy board games, reading, and often work on crafts or building with blocks.  We know many families are busy and children often have extra activities after school so we get them working on their homework for you. During months of nice weather you will always find us playing outside in the late afternoon.  When school is not in session during the school year we take the children on field trips and do special activites with them.  We also run a fun summer camp from July to the end of August.


From Preschool age on up we run a Summer Camp from the beginning of July right up to the end of August.  It includes fun activities each day for the children such as baking, science experiments, themed weeks, a talent show and a carnival week to close out the summer.  We go on field trips every Wednesday from local water parks to movies, and bounce house locations.


Here at First Step we try to engage the children in a multitude of extra curricular activities that they can enjoy right here on site.  We offer ballet and Taekwondo classes for the 3 and 4 year old children throught the regular school year.  We also offer an Art Club with Color On Wheels for our school age children that includes art of all different kinds and then an art show at the end, to show our student artist's talent.  We have special visitors throughout the year such as Ms. Janine who came to sing and sign, Curious Creatures who comes to us in the summer with an array of animals and reptiles, Dr. Quimby a local dentist, Sarah from Sarah's Gift and ship, mystery readers and much much more.




Our infant room is a nurturing environment for children ages 6 weeks to 18 months.  We form a bond with your baby and help them meet their milestones through experineces, play and love.  We know that infants benefit most from individualized care so we allow them to follw their own schedule for eating, sleeping and playing.  Our infant room is equipped with developmentally appropriate materials that enable the children to learn and grow.



Toddlers are busy little bees.  It is here in our toddler room where we begin to build your chld's foundation for preschool and above.  Our environment is set up for children to freely play and be creative in several learning areas (housekeeping, book area, easel, manipulative and puzzles and block building).  Your child will also start learning to build relationships and work on self help skills.  Our teaching staff uses our Early Learning and Development Standards as their curriculum to plan fun and enriching activities for your child throughout the day.


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